An Action-Thriller in the high pressure world of art theft. After a failed heist the crew hides out in a warehouse in northern Italy. As the police close in, ties are cut and the incendiary truth is revealed.

JO, a strong, resourceful young woman in her 20s. The Thief.
DANTE, an eloquent, high strung young man in his 20s. The Brains.
MARTIN, a direct, duty bound man, in his 30s, French. The Muscle.
(We are in a warehouse in northern Italy. There is a table center stage, seated there is Jo, hands tied behind her back. She is in her early 20s, flexible and strong. In the room standing over her is Martin, he is French. He is the muscle of the group, a bit older. Behind the table are two crates, there are 7 with paintings strewn about the room. These are million dollar paintings, Klein, Cezanne, Mondrian, etc.)
Martin: You thought she’d kill you?
Jo: I didn’t think it, I knew it, I could feel it.
Martin: A feeling is not fact, I cannot take you as innocent because of your feeling.
Jo: I can’t justify what I did Martin, But I know she was going to shoot me. 
Martin: But she didn’t shoot you, you shot her.
Jo: She reached into her bag for a gun, she looked like she was going to do something that she didn’t want to do.
Martin: But there was no gun in the bag. We decided Gabriella would never carry a gun. She shouldn’t need to. She hasn’t carried a gun for any of our jobs. She didn’t have one tonight.
Jo: She had a gun. that’s why she looked scared. That’s why something felt different tonight.

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